What is EarthSchool?

EarthSchool is a large homeschooling co-operative based in southern Maine, filled with many vibrant and diverse people of all ages, supported by membership participation and a shared learning environment.

We are a secular organization, not associated with any church or religion. Our members come from all different walks-of-life and belief systems. Our goal is to provide a safe, focused, passionate, interactive, social learning atmosphere for the children of EarthSchool and their families. 

We are united by a desire to educate our children in a stimulating and respectful environment while also fostering independence and creativity.


E Environment.  EarthSchool’s focus is on making a positive impact within our cooperative and in the world around us.

A Attitude. We are a supportive and respectful cooperative that is welcoming and fun. Families are expected to take an active role in building a strong community together.

R Rhythmic. As we learn, we follow the seasons and rhythm of life here in Maine.

T Transcending. We encourage each of our members to go beyond their own limits and aim for the sky!

H Holistic. We believe learning happens everywhere! EarthSchool is a non-profit rooted in 4-H offering classes and clubs that address all four of the H’s: Head, Heart, Hands, and Health.


Mission Statement:

EarthSchool is a diverse and inclusive family cooperative that celebrates learning.   We strive to make positive contributions that support growth in our families, our communities and our environment.


The Logistics:

Our co-op runs from September to May, with a winter holiday break. We meet on Thursdays from 10am – 3pm. Most classes are one hour long, with two classes in the morning, an hour break for lunch, then two classes in the afternoon.

All of our adult members are VOLT trained through the 4H Cooperative Extension. More information can be found online at http://umaine.edu/4h/volunteers/.

Membership responsibilities include volunteering to ensure our co-op runs smoothly. Volunteering may include teaching, assistant teaching, or serving on a committee. All families are expected to help with the weekly duties of setup and cleaning.


Below is a list of ongoing classes that run every year in both the spring and fall semesters. Click here for a sample list of the classes we have offered in the past.


The theater program at EarthSchool has evolved into seasonal and yearlong offerings with performances twice a year. More information

The MoGo Club

A MoGo Club is a group that works to create a more peaceful, sustainable and humane world through projects, innovation and education that promote healthy living. More information

Odyssey of the Mind

This program promotes divergent thinking, teamwork and self-confidence by providing the opportunity to participate in creative problem solving. Odyssey of the Mind runs from September until March, when teams go to a statewide competition. More information


Our preschool is a thriving space for children from 0 to 4 to play, pretend, and snuggle with moms or dads. There are organized activities as well as lots of free play. More information

Interested in becoming a part of this wonderful homeschooling group in Maine? Please contact us at:  info@earthschoolme.com

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